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Upcoming Events

Transportation Heritage Festival

Our 3rd annual festival date has just been agreed on!

Sunday, September 21st 2014.

Bergen-Rockland Meeting

Bergen-Rockland Chapter NRHS 2nd Friday 8 pm, Closter Senior Center, 295 Closter Dock Rd., Closter, NJ 07624.

Black River & Western Train Rides

Black River & Western Railroad
Caboose Hops, The Hunterdon Flyer (3 Bridges Excursion), Summer Excursions & Great Train Robbery

Erie Lackawanna Historical Society

ELHS Annual Meeting, September 12-13 Middletown, NY

Jersey Electric RHS · Meeting

North Jersey Electric Railway Historical Society 7:30pm on 3rd Tuesdays. 1st Presbyterian Church, Rahway NJ

NYS&W Technical & Historical Society

Thomas Train, Dinosaur Train, River Train, Steam Train, Mine Train & Winery Train

Toys for Tots Trains - December 2014


Tri-State Railway Histor­ical Society

Monthly meeting - Morris Museum's Bickford Theater
6 Normandy Heights Road, Morristown, NJ 07960.

Volunteer Railroaders Association

August 15th 7pm meeting @ Haw­thorne NYS&W Station

Whippany Railway Museum Train Rides

Weekend Train Rides (April-December).


Please support the URHS and preserve the rich history of New Jer­sey's railroads and trans­por­tation heritage. With­out your contin­uing sup­port historical artifacts cannot be saved and the history they tell will be lost. A railroad and Trans­portation Heritage Center will keep our history alive for gener­ations to come.

State and federal grants pay for only a small per­cent­age of the project. Those funds along with donations in both time and money from individ­uals, businesses and other organ­izations have made the prospects of a first rate railroad and Transportation Heri­tage Cen­ter in the state of New Jersey possible. But we need your help more than ever! Here are sev­eral ways you can help this effort:

Event Participation

  • Browse this site often.
  • Donate your time to help run an event. Volunteers are always needed to assist visitors, ready the site, and get the word out.
  • Interested? email information@nullurhs.org

Volunteer to help restoration

  • Join others & volunteer your time to assist us in restoring equipment.
  • Donate tools an/or materials required.
  • Questions? information@nullurhs.org

To volunteer fill out our volunteer form

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About Us

The United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey, Inc. aka URHS is a non-profit edu­ca­tional organ­ization directed at sup­porting the preser­vation of historical railroad equip­ment and artifacts for the proposed New Jersey Trans­por­tation Heritage Center or in its absence, another railroad museum in New Jersey.

In order to coordinate resources, repre­sentatives from most of New Jersey's major rail­road interest organ­izations formed the URHS in 1987. URHS has been working to­ward rescuing potential exhibits from scrap­ping and has been assisting in plan­ning for Trans­portation Heritage Center(s) in New Jersey.

Once heritage center(s) have been estab­lished, we expect to play a major role in it's design, content & operation.

To make donations or inquiries email URHS at information@nullurhs.org.




About former railroad employee records

The United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey does not have access to nor maintain in its Archives employee records from any past or existing railroad.

Three web sites that might prove useful to those in search of employee records are the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board web site, Jim Sponholz's web site pages dedicated to helping find former railroad employee records and directed inquiries to member organ­izations as some may maintain such archives.

Request for data

Below is the list of equipment whose history is not yet documented by the URHS. If you have any knowledge about the history of any of these items, please send the URHS an email message at: information@nullurhs.org Thank you for your help.

DL&W 19525 covered hopper car - model not known     Erie-Lackawanna 45519 boom car

SRLX 025048 Swift Company Refrigerated Box Car     Erie 03125 crane - history not known

facebook update - PRR GG-1 #4879

4879 was the last surviving GG1 to pull a train and is now being restored by Star Trak Inc. thanks to a generous grant. In a few days it will be completely repainted to PRR's 1955 single stripe scheme. Photo: Raymond Clauss

facebook content in this box may be slow to load at times.

U34CH #3372 update

Just a quick update on Project U-Boat — we are waiting for paper work to be sent in to the railroad that will be doing the move.

Once the paper work gets turned in we can set a date for inspection with the railroad and do air and brake tests. We are hoping this will be done within the next few weeks. Stay tuned for further updates!   6/29/2014

Recent URHS News

Hudson Limited a trip to Albany on the Hickory Creek – May 3rd & May 4th

Individual news items can be forwarded via email, shared to facebook, twitter and more! You can still find past items archived on the blog!       Read more latest & past events details

donated so far!

Project U-Boat

Donations keep coming in! Please consider donating! Thank you for those who have contributed! Read more…

The next step is to return the locomotive to operation. Initial condition reports show that it's in very good shape inside & out, although a full mechanical inspection is needed. When it's repaired mechanically & the exterior is restored, we will establish where it will see a return to service. It's our hope that it will once again pull passengers in NJ. With your donations, we can make that a reality.

Thank you for your support!

Donate via buying a U34 t-shirt!


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A $5 delivery charge is added to cover regular USPS delivery in the USA. Estimated 2 to 4 week delivery (subject to availability).

More levels of donations and the incentives

  • $75 gets the donor a Operation U-Boat t-shirt.
  • $150 gets donor the T-shirt, plus a guided tour of the U-Boat & the rest of Boonton Yard.
  • $250 gets the donor all of the above, plus a print of either of the Erie E-8’s.
  • $500 gets the donor all of the above plus one ticket on the NYC 43 1
  • $750 gets you everything up to the $250 level plus 1 ticket on the Hickory Creek 2

1) When it is being operated by the URHS on a fund raising trip worth $200 or less.

2) Regular ticket worth $225 or less during the same time as we run the NYC 43.


Visit the URHS YouTube channel for more movies about us! URHSofNewJersey

Click pics to enlarge!

Recently restored equipment

Hickory Creek - Cresson, Pa

Hickory Creek - Cresson, Pa
Pullman Lookout Observation Lounge w 5 roomettes

CNJ 1523 - Tuckahoe, NJ

CNJ 1523 - Tuckahoe, NJ
EMD Model GP-7P

PRR 4877 - Boonton, NJ

PRR 4877 - Boonton, NJ
Pennsylvania RR/Westinghouse Corp GG-1

NJ DOT 4253 - Boonton, NJ

NJ DOT 4253 - Boonton, NJ
Electro-Motive Model E8A

Reading 284 - Spencer, NC

Reading 284 - Spencer, NC
Electro-Motive Model F7A

PRR 7000 - Tuckahoe, NJ

PRR 7000 - Tuckahoe, NJ
Electro-Motive Model GP-9

RV 16 - Whippany, NJ

Rahway Valley Railway #16
Whippany, NJ General Electric Model 70 ton

M&E 1 - Whippany, NJ

M&E 1 - Whippany, NJ
Class N - 4 wheel caboose

Pennsylvania Railroad Baggage Car #9286 - Boonton, NJ

Pennsylvania Railroad Baggage Car #9286
Boonton, NJ Express-Messenger-Baggage Car

Want more pictures here?

They will appear here as the funding is secured to help with their costly relocation & restoration.

Visit our donation page to see the many ways that you can help. Even one dollar will help!

NYC Hickory Creek at Albany-Rensselaer Amtrak station on train #233 June 1st 2013.

NYC Hickory Creek at Albany-Rens­selaer Amtrak sta­tion on 6/1/2013. Photo: Robert J. Ruotolo

Click - most pictures do enlarge! More pictures are on the URHS facebook page.


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