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History: This PRR car is class F41 built between December 1955 and May 1956. 500 were built and numbered #469500-469999. Another 200 #469300-469499 were built between No­vember and December 1956. They had a capacity of 70 tons & were general service cars, 53′ 6” long over the end sills. The F41 were con­structed on General Steel Castings’ integral cast steel under frames, and featured four cross bearers, compared to two previously used on the F30A and F30D. More....

More recently restored equipment

SAC 89491, E8a 4253 & GG-1 4879 - Boonton, NJ
Photo by Steve Gerritsen

LHRY 1 - Boonton, NJ
Photo by Larry Gross

GG-1 4879 & 4877 - Boonton, NJ
Photo by Dennis A. Livesey

NYC 4083 - Boonton, NJ
Photo by Carl Perelman

GG-1 4879 - Boonton, NJ   Photo by John Turkeli

Reading 284 - Spencer, NC

Reading 284 - Spencer, NC
Electro-Motive Model F7A

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