1st Annual NJ Transportation Heritage Festival recap

Now that our 1st Annual NJ Transportation Heritage Festival is history, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Festival Committee (listed below) and the many other volunteers and participants who made the event a success. Even though we lost $52.53 on paper, it was still a major success, especially considering it was our first attempt and the many obstacles we had to overcome.

Some of the positive event outcomes are:

  • 1. Actually we didn't have a loss as URHS sales table is now well stocked for future income.
  • 2. John Ferante donated a large quantity of very old Trains magazines which we will sell at a premium in the future.
  • 3. NJT Operation Life Saver people were extremely pleased as they gave out 600 pencils and 750 coloring books, booked another event and were amazed that their presentations drew so many people.
  • 4. One of our kind and generous volunteers sent us a $500 donation after the event.
  • 5. Many people were asking about and encouraging us to have the Festival again next year.
  • 6. The Mayor of Boonton was most pleased that many attendees patronized other local businesses after our function.
  • 7. Six new volunteers signed up and some old ones were resurrected.
  • 8. We received nothing but positive feedback and NO complaints.
  • 9. All member group sales tables and Canal Society stated they were happy with results.
  • 10. The Military vehicle group raised well over $100 for their Toys for Tots program.

Other statistics: Attendance was approximately 2,400-2,500 or more. Income: Donations $2,126.84, Raffle $346, URHS Sales Table $1,907, Food Sales $1,349 and Sales table rental (NYCHS) $15.

Once again, on behalf of myself, the URHS and those who attended the Festival, I want to THANK all of you who worked so diligently, cooperatively and unselfishly and who together made our event a big success. Many, many THANKS.

Festival Committee: Frank Reilly – URHS President, Bill McKelvey – URHS Director, KC Smith – URHS Director, Frank Ball, Alan Bird, Steve Gerritsen, Larry Gross, Fred Heide, Carolyn Hoffman, Justin Kerstner, Dave Lindstrom & Matt Phalon.

Pete Hasler, URHS Event Chairman

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