February 2012 URHS news

(Joe Mele) The Boonton Yard shop building construction has begun; hopefully the building will be completed in the next couple of months. Star Trak is continuing to work on our (URHS) equipment at Boonton yard.

The URHS is still negotiating with Robert Franzen, the owner of the twin NYC Dining cars currently located in South Carolina. The URHS is offering to swap Robert four of the URHS' green coaches for his two diner cars. The URHS and Robert are working out the details; more information will follow as it becomes available.

The URHS signed a lease agreement with the Black River Historical Trust for the Erie SW-9 #436. The BRHT will be using this locomotive for the 2012 operating season for their passenger trains on the Black River & Western Railroad.

(KC Smith) "I feel the NYC Diner swap with SC collector is not going to happen. The URHS wants to run a trip on the Cape May Seashore Line in the spring. The URHS has to talk to Tony about a date, there will be photo opportunities along the way."

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