South Amboy time warp

The URHS would like to thank all who came out to support us!

The URHS volunteers would like to thank everyone who came out to support us at Boonton Yard today! We had a capacity crowd and we were beyond proud to share our hard work with you. Hundreds of man-hours all become worth it when several thousand people come to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If today is any indication, the URHS is looking towards a very bright future. Thank you for being there for us as fans, supporters, and donors. We’ll see you all again very soon!

Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 # 4877 and # 4879 at Boonton, NJ

This old GG-1 fan’s fun meter is pinned. The United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey based in Boonton NJ has pulled off the amazing feat of cosmetically restoring in the space of a year, not one but two of the Pennsylvania Railroad’s magnificent GG-1’s in their authentic colors. There are much bigger organizations that cannot boast of as much.

Note that 4877 has the 1941 five stripe, small herald paint scheme in the Pennsy’s favored serif Clarendon typeface. Then see the recently finished 4879 with 1955’s thick yellow stripe, larger yellow serif Roman lettering and a large PRR keystone scheme.

Lighting was provided by Society supporter‭ ‬Frank Etzel and his team. Big kudos to the entire URHS!