URHS of NJ Member Organizations

The URHS board of directors is comprised of representatives of each of its constituent organizations. This assures that participation in it’s decision making and activities will be broad based and truly representative of the wishes of the railroad history community (see our Statement on Preservation). Concerned individuals may join any of the following organizations or The Friends of the New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center to participate in URHS efforts.

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Bergen-Rockland Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society

Delegate: Taras Terlecky     Alternate: OPEN     Second alternate:

Black River and Western Historical Trust

Delegate: Kenneth D. Brown, Esq.     Alternate: Donald Lachenaur     Second alternate:

Central Railroad of NJ Historical Society

CNJ Historical Society, 460 Elm Street, Stirling, NJ 07980-1126 — $20 per year membership fee.

Delegate: Frank Reilly     Alternate: Tom Gallo     Second alternate:

Erie Lackawanna Historical Society Inc.

Delegate: Pete Hasler     Alternate: Mike Dodge     Second alternate:

Jersey Central Railway Historical Society Chapter

Delegate: Bob Bodenstein     Alternate: Greg Buchala     Second alternate:

Lackawanna Chapter, The Railway & Locomotive Historical Society Inc.

Delegate: Kenneth Miller     Alternate: Ann B. Miller     Second alternate:

Liberty Historic Railway Inc.

Delegate: Larry Gross     Alternate: Alan Bird     Second alternate:David Linstorm

The New York Susquehanna & Western Technical & Historical Society Inc.

Delegate: Wayne Nilsen     Alternate: Don Chaudruc     Second alternate:

North Jersey Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society

Delegate: Mitchell Dakelman     Alternate: Bill Keigher     Second alternate:

North Jersey Electric Railway Historical Society

Delegate: Robert Hooper      Alternate: Tony Hall     Second alternate:

Ontario and Western Railway Historical Society Inc.

Delegate: Arnold Restivo    Alternate: John Bazelewich     Second alternate:

Tri-State Railway Historical Society Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society

Delegate: Rudy Garbely    Alternate: Kevin Phalon     2nd Alternate: Justin Kerstner

Volunteer Railroaders Association Inc.

Delegate: Steve Geritsen     Alternate: KC Smith     Second alternate: Joe Mele

West Jersey Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society

Delegate: Frederick Ciocciola    Alternate: Richard Magee     Second alternate:

Whippany Railway Museum, Inc.

Delegate: Vishal Parmar     Alternate: Steve Hepler     2nd Alternate: Mike Dodge


For further information about the URHS of NJ, please contact a representative from an organization listed above.

Please report any website technical issues to otoolemp@yahoo.com.

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The URHS facebook page has hit Over 4557+ likes!

The URHS facebook page has hit Over 4557 + likes! Over the past year, we have more than Tripled our following, which means we have been able to reach out to a greater portion of the public. Without a museum, the URHS cannot show our collection year-round, but thanks to social media, we are lucky to be able to keep in touch with you here. We thank you all for your support and we look forward to sharing our experiences with you as the URHS keeps growing. Thanks, we couldn’t do it without you!!! Please invite Your friends to LIKE our Page.

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What is Project U-Boat?

Project U-Boat is the URHS's effort to restore Erie Lackawanna 3372 to operation. The U34CH is a landmark in locomotive design, and it is a design that is entirely unique to the state of New Jersey. 3372 is the last servicable U34CH left in existence, and it is owned by the URHS of NJ. A recent review of the organization's motive power revealed that 3372 is the locomotive closest to potential operation, and to make restoration a reality, the URHS needs your help!



Phase 2 of Project U-Boat will begin the locomotive's cosmetic restoration to protect it from the elements. This includes minor body work, light metal repairs, and a new coat of primer. $3372 will cover the costs of all supplies needed as well as several gallons of one of the best industrial primers available. We will be giving the U-Boat a paint job that will last for years!

Do you like get getting your hands dirty? Come volunteer with the URHS and help us restore 3372! If you are interested, click the link below and let us know. There is no commitment and no skills are required to help the URHS restore a piece of history!





Latest news

3372 being towed out of Passaic Yard in October of 2014.

May 2015: The URHS launched Phase 2 of Project U-Boat. This second step the restoration of 3372 will include repair to the car body in addition to a coat of primer to protect the engine from the elements.

October 2014: 3372 was moved by the Morristown & Erie Railway on October 29. CLICK HERE to view the video of it moving for the first time in over a decade!

August 2014: The official homecoming move for 3372 is under contract with the Morristown & Erie. Upon successful brake inspection, the railroad will establish a date on which one of their two Alco C-424 will make the trek from Morristown to Passaic. The engine will be taken down the Dundee Spur to the Bergen County Line to make the trip to Boonton Yard. We will bring you more details on the move when they become available!

March 2014: We have reached our $2,500 goal for phase 1 of Project U-Boat! We received many generous donations ranging from a few dollars to a few hundred… and even one that was $1,000! The URHS's U34CH will be moved to Boonton NJ as soon as we conduct the proper tests and explore our pricing options. Phase 2 means it is time to raise funds to make the locomotive operational! That also means incentives and rewards for those who have donated, and those who plan to. Stay tuned, and as always, we sincerely thank you for your support!


Donation Rewards!
Everyone wins by supporting the URHS. Here is what you can receive for supporting Project U-Boat!

All of the above plus
your choice of one of the URHS's several NJ Railroad prints
See the URHS store for choices

All of the above plus
a personal tour of Boonton yard
This includes an experience which will not be open to the general public: a tour of the inside and outside of 3372.

T-shirt, print, yard tour, and...
a free ticket aboard the NYC 43 on the next URHS excursion

T-shirt, print, yard tour, and...
a free ticket aboard the Hickory Creek on the next URHS excursion

About the U34CH:


The U34CH represented a landmark in passenger train operation. It is truly the "last of the first of its kind." During the late 60's and early 70's, passenger trains were nearing the end of an era. Aging equipment, heated by steam, could not stand up to the demands of changing technology. Across the country, these older cars were being replaced with newer, electrically lit and heated cars, powered by car-mounted generators or individual power cars. At that same time, the Erie Lackwanna was dealing with an ever aging fleet of coaches and MU's that dated back to the late teens and twenties. When the NJ Department of Transportation took over passenger service, they used an ingenious new idea to modernize the fleet.

The result was an order of new "Comet I" coaches from Pullman-Standard, and 32 U34CH locomotives from General Electric Co. This was the first time in the evolution of modern passenger equipment that locomotives and cars were ordered together to work in tandem. The new coaches would be powered by electricity delivered from a new type of generator in the U34CH. The drive shaft from the locomotive's 16 cylinder motor would go entirely through its main generator, which powered its 6 traction motors, and go into a generator used exclusively for powering the train. This meant that, to power the cars, the engine always ran at a full 960 rpm, the equivalent of full power. This made for a locomotive that was not only powerful and efficient, but exceptionally distinctive, characterized by its consistent roar both stopped at stations and at speed.

The U34CH, and its corresponding passenger car fleet, pioneered “push-pull” operation of trains in New Jersey. Today, all commuter trains in NJ run in this manner. The U-boats represented the turning point in New Jersey railroad history, as they bridged the gap between the first generation diesels from the pre-Conrail era and the modern head end powered passenger equipment of today. The story of New Jersey railroading would not be complete without including the U34CH, which is why the URHS finds it imperative to save the last one in existence.

About the restoration:

photo (9)

The URHS knows the U34CH has a dedicated following of railroad enthusiasts who remember seeing these locomotives first-hand. This is why we have called upon you to help us. Many have asked the URHS why this loco­motive has not been restored and this is your chance to help make that happen! Please donate whatever you can to help 3372. It has been said that "many hands make light work" and if many contribute what they can, the U-Boat fan-base can make quick work of seeing 3372 in action!

The URHS sincerely thanks you for your support.


Click the Pay Pal link above to donate!

If you prefer donations by mail, they can be sent to our Boonton Yard office at:

United Railroad Historical Society of NJ Inc.
104 Morris Avenue, Boonton, NJ 07005-1314
C/O Project U-Boat

You can also reach our office phone at (862) 345-6642

The URHS is a 501(c)(3) not for profit educational organization

Ontario & Western RHS 53rd Annual Convention: November 12th

The Ontario & Western Railway Historical Society 53rd Annual Convention & Dinner is still happening on November 12th. The Theme is “Along the Rivers” from Livingston Manor to Cadosia and will have Jeff Otto, Doug Barberio and Allan Seebach as Presenters.

Car Tour from Cornwall to Meadowbrook with Ray Kelly Starts from the Meadowbrook Lodge @ 9:45 am Sharp

Starting Time: Convention – 11:30 am
Admission – $48.00 (With Dinner) $28.00 (Without Dinner)
Modeling Clinic at 11:30 By Mal Houck
Short Program on Livingston Manor By Joe Myers
Roscoe Museum Presentation By Charlie Irace
O&W Collectibles, Models, Dioramas, Photo Displays

Self-Guided Tour of the O&W in the Meadowbrook Lodge Area.

Download Complete Convention Flyer Including Registration Form, Raffle Prizes and Raffle Sheet from the Ontario Express Newsletter Site at http://www.ontarioexpress.org/ You DO NOT have to be a Member to access this form it is on the Home page. Download 2016 Convention Flyer in.pdf format (Includes Raffle Ticket Sheet)

The Convention is on Saturday November 12th if you are planning on going and is again at the Meadowbrook Lodge in Meadowbrook, NY. Exact address and directions below.

…Raffle Prizes…

Grand Prize

A Built-Up Model of the Munnsville Station in HO Scale of Value $225

2nd PRIZE – O’ Scale Set of Atlas 3-Rail O&W and Waddell 55 Ton Hopper Cars

3rd PRIZE – O’ Scale Set of Atlas 3-Rail O&W and Waddell 55 Ton Hopper Cars

4. Rails Along the East Branch: The Delaware & Northern Railroad By John Hamm & Robert Bucenec

5. The O&W “On Film” DVD

6. Rails to the Catskills – A Film By Tobe Carey (DVD)

7. New York, Ontario and Western Railway (Postcard History Series) By Joe Bux

8. The Final Years By Ed Crist & John Krause

9. 1913 “Rules of the Operating Department”

10. Miniature O&W Replica Weathervane

Grand, 2nd & 3rd Prizes Donated By Al Seebach

8th Prize Donated By Ronald Vassallo

10th Prize Donated By Lee R. Bracy

All Other Prizes Donated by the O&WRHS Sales Deptartment

DOOR PRIZE “Mountaineer on Iona Trestle” Full Color Signed Print

Meadow Brook Lodge
1290 NY Route 94
New Windsor, NY 12553
E-Mail: themeadowbrook@gmail.com
Phone: 1-845-562-5918


Take N.Y.S. Thruway North to Exit 16. Go north on Rt. 32 to Vails Gate Intersection. Turn left on Rt. 94 one mile to The Meadowbrook on right.


RT 84 West to NEWBURGH/ RT 9W SOUTH exit ..proceed South on 9W. Through Newburgh to Rt. 94 – west on Rt. 94 – four (4) miles to Vails Gate intersection. Continue on Rt. 94 – one mile to The Meadowbrook on right.


RT 84 East to NEWBURGH/ RT 9W SOUTH exit ..proceed South on 9W. Through Newburgh to Rt. 94 – west on Rt. 94 – four (4) miles to Vails Gate intersection. Continue on Rt. 94 – one mile to The Meadowbrook on right.


Take N.Y.S. Thruway South to Exit 17. Go to 17-K make right. Go to first Light make left onto Rt. 300. Take Rt. 300 south to Rt. 94 make right go one and one half miles to The Meadowbrook on right. FROM MIDDLETOWN: Go east on Rt. 84 to Exit 7S and Rt. 300. Take Rt. 300 south to Rt. 94 make right go one and one half miles to The Meadowbrook on right.FROM NEW YORK CITY:

Take N.Y.S. Thruway North to Exit 16. Go north on Rt. 32 to Vails Gate Intersection. Turn left on Rt. 94 one mile to The Meadowbrook on right.

Member Group Reports for October 2016

Volunteer Railroaders Association – Running motorcar trains from Cape May Station to the canal through the next 3 weekends. Doing a Santa visit on November 26th at Hawthorne Station.

Tri-State Railway Historical Society Chapter of the NRHS – Train show Roseland – St. Nicholas Greek Church, Laurel Ave, Exit 6 off of 280. Work paused on Caboose, will be sandblasted. Bringing quarterly Blockline back after train show. Releasing new book this weekend.

Ontario and Western Railway Historical Society – Convention 12/12 at Meadowbrook Lodge, $48 per person.

North Jersey Electric Railway Historical Society to be at Metropolitan Transit Model group Saturday and Sunday at PAL Building in Parsippany. Meeting next week in Rahway. Working on body work on trolley car with Ray.

Erie Lackawanna Historical Society – April 23rd Spring Meet at Parsippany Holiday Inn. Asking anyone with photos or records of people working on EL equipment to put together a program.

Whippany Railway Museum – Oct 2 had pumpkin festival, sold out trains.

Bergen-Rockland Chapter of the NRHS – Waldwick still giving tours of tower.

Liberty Historic Railway – Made donation to Operation Toy Train and encourages other groups to do so as well

Black River and Western Historical Trust – Continue restoration towards Lambertville. Currently running pumpkin trains.

Lackawanna Chapter of the R&LHS – Trouble finding younger volunteers, progress has slowed.