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What else gets posted on the News Blog? Status updates on restoration yard work, public version of the URHS Executive Board minutes, work session pictures and other newsworthy items.

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Mike O’Toole
URHS webmaster

September 2013 URHS News

Transportation Heritage Festival – Clean-up & Prep work needed – NEED VOLUNTEERS from various URHS groups! It is suggested that we should have a minimum of 2 people per group. Everyone [group] needs to let Pete Hasler know by Monday September 16th (with names). Volunteers should arrive by 8 am, event runs from 10 – 4. Pete Hasler urges all URHS groups to send out promotional materials. We have 10 days from today to the event – there is work to be done.

Capt. Bill McKelvey will be bringing a pump car and a velocipede to Boonton for display.

The URHS approved the usage of PRR Baggage car #9286, NYC Tavern Lounge #43 and the Hickory Creek for the 2013 Toys for Tots trains.

August 2013 URHS News

New paint on the PRR flat car thanks to volunteers Frank Ball, John McCloskey & Taras Terlecky. Kevin Phalon, Larry Gross and others got GG-1 #4877 headlight, marker lights, number boards all lit and all new cab widows installed. Capt. Bill McKelvey’s GE 45 Ton was worked on – preparation work before painting. Several track’s Bumper Blocks were painted safety yellow. Both Hospital Cars are being prepped for painting to original drab green with proper lettering. The VRA and Sea Land containers were touch-up painted. Yard being worked on getting cleaned up and organized for Festival. Dave Lippencott & others have been busy keeping up on brush and tree control.

July 2013 URHS news


Liberty Historic Railway GE 45 ton

The URHS Volunteers had another pro­duc­tive work ses­sion at the yard today. Plans are finalized for the URHS Trans­por­tation Heritage Fest­ival on Sun­day September 22nd. The restor­ation contin­ues on Bill McKelvey's 45 Ton GE locomotive (at right) and the yard is being cleaned up for guests. The GG1 4877 is also now wired for new light­ing, and new windows will be going in soon. Our GG-1 will do every­thing but run! Stay tuned for information about a night photo shoot with our equipment, and with our special guest!

June 2013 URHS news

Hudson Limited excursion: a ride in classic style aboard the historic cars Hickory Creek and New York Cen­tral Railroad Tavern Lounge #43 from New York City to Albany & back on 6/1 & 6/2. On Saturday 6/1 the Hickory Creek was a host of a crew filming a segment of “Tricked Out Trains" to be featured in the future on The Travel Channel. The Empire Service trains were 233 & 244. Pictures on facebook: Hudson Limited 6-2

<– Train Number –>
11:20 am
6:50 pm
11:44 am
Yonkers, NY
12:04 pm
Croton Harmon, NY
5:58 pm
12:43 pm
Poughkeepsie, NY
5:20 pm
12:57 pm
Rhinecliff, NY
5:06 pm
1:20 pm
Hudson, NY
4:45 pm
1:50 pm
Albany-Rensselaer, NY
4:20 pm
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Hickory Creek

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NYC Tavern Lounge #43