URHS Board Officers and other positions

URHS Board Officers

President: Larry Gross email: larry1090@gmail.com
Vice President & General Counsel: Kenneth D. Brown, Esq. email: w2kb@comcast.net
Vice President – Operations: Steven Gerritsen email: sggerritsen@gmail.com
Treasurer: Taras Terlecky email:
Secretary:   email: 

Other positions

Mechanical Consultant:   email: 
Webmaster: Mike O’Toole email: otoolemp@yahoo.com
Media Relations Manager: Kevin Phalon email: kjphalon@gmail.com

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Page last updated May 1, 2017


Please support the URHS and preserve the rich history of New Jer­sey’s railroads and trans­por­tation heritage. With­out your contin­uing sup­port historical artifacts cannot be saved and the history they tell will be lost. A railroad and Trans­portation Heritage Center will keep our history alive for gener­ations to come.

State and federal grants pay for only a small per­cent­age of the project. Those funds along with donations in both time and money from individ­uals, businesses and other organ­izations have made the prospects of a first rate railroad and Transportation Heri­tage Cen­ter in the state of New Jersey possible.

But we need your help more than ever! Here are sev­eral ways you can help this effort:

Event Participation

  • Browse this site often.
  • Donate your time to help run an event. Volunteers are always needed to assist visitors, ready the site, and get the word out.
  • Interested? email information@urhs.org

Volunteer to help restoration

  • Join others & volunteer your time to assist us in restoring equipment.
  • Donate tools an/or materials required.
  • Questions? information@urhs.org

To volunteer fill out our volunteer form at right

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