Cherry Blossom Special

The Hickory Creek speeding down the Northeast Corridor bound for New Orleans via Washington DC.About the Cherry Blossom Special

The URHS is proud to present its first-class service to the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. The Hickory Creek was built in the 1940s with two high standards in mind: speed and luxury. On this overnight, weekend journey, passengers will enjoy this classic, elegant form of travel on one of these two historic rail cars en route from New York City to the nation's capital. During the three hour journey to Washington, passengers will enjoy high-class service at their seat from the URHS volunteer staff, and on the return trip, passengers will sit down to a first-class, multiple course dinner as the train speeds along the world's busiest railroad at up to 110 miles per hour.

All proceeds from tickets go to benefit the preservation of the Hickory Creek as well as the URHS’s historic railroad collection. By purchasing a ticket, you will not only have the chance to relive history, but you can help save it as well.

April 4-5

Hickory Creek: $349

April 4-5

Tavern-Lounge: $289

On-board the Train

All of the following comes included with the purchase of a ticket on the Cherry Blossom Special:

Three members of the URHS volunteer team serving in the spirit off the 20th Century Limited: Chef Robert, Kevin, and Mark

A classic table setting reminiscent of the 1 class service aboard the original 20th Century Limited!

Southbound: On Saturday morning, guests aboard either car will enjoy a continental breakfast, fresh fruit, and mimosas, served by the URHS volunteer staff. All passengers will enjoy service at their seat while they enjoy the passing scenery from the lounge of the Hickory Creek's unique "lookout lounge."

Northbound: On the return trip to New York on Sunday evening, guests will sit down to a multiple course meal cooked on board the train by a professional chef. Guests will also enjoy complementary wine, beer, and soft drinks served to them at their seat throughout the ride.

Dress code for these trips will be Business Casual, with a sport jacket preferred for gentlemen.

The Hickory Creek will depart New York Penn Station at 7:05 a.m. and arrive in Washington DC at 10:25 a.m. on the tail of Amtrak’s Carolinian. Passengers will receive a special discounted rate at the Hyatt Place Washington, which is one Metro stop away from Union Station. Passengers will then have time to tour the nation’s capital at their leisure until the return trip, which departs Washington Union Station at 4:06 p.m. and arrives in New York at 8:47 p.m. 

Washington_C_D.C._Tidal_Basin_cherry_treesOff the train & at the Festival

The Cherry Blossom Special was named so because it will arrive in Washington DC for the National Cherry Blossom Festival, which celebrates the coming of  the Spring season and the gifting of the Cherry Blossom trees to the United States from Japan.

The will arrive in Washington in the late morning, giving guests plenty of time to tour the city at their leisure until the return trip on Sunday evening. During their time in the city, guests may choose to visit the festivities of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, or tour the landmarks and museums of Washington DC and enjoy the flowering trees during their stay.

The April 4-5 trip will coincide with the Southwest Waterfront Fireworks Festival. Visit for more info on "The Nation's Greatest Springtime Celebration!"

Hotel Accommodations

Passengers riding the train will need to purchase a hotel room for the layover in Washington DC. Guests aboard the Cherry Blossom Special will receive a special rate at the Hyatt Place Washington for $149 for April 4-5. tickets must be purchased by March 14th to be eligible for the hotel discount.

Hyatt guests can begin making reservations either by calling into the central reservations number listed and asking for the “United Railroad Historical Society of NJ” Group Block or by using the booking links below. With these links you will still need to enter the dates and click “check availability” and it will then enter you into the block. April Block:

Hyatt Place Washington, DC/US Capitol, 33 New York Avenue, Washington, DC N.E., 20002, Tel: 202 289 5593 Fax: 202 289 5591

 About the Hickory Creek

1-Forman 2 In 1948, America was riding high after the end of World War II, and the “streamliner era” was in full swing. The New York Central Railroad unveiled a brand new modernized train set for its famed “20th Century Limited.” It featured all the amenities that any first-class traveler of the day could ask for and was the train was considered the pinnacle of rail transportation at the time. Everyday, its all-private room consist skated along the shore of the Hudson River, beginning with its streamlined E8 diesels and ending with its crown-jewel “lookout lounge” observation car: the Hickory Creek.

The Hickory Creek’s raised floor and over-sized windows made for a ride that was unparalleled by any train in the eastern United States. It was only natural that this train earned the name “The most famous train in the world!” The United Railroad Historical Society purchased this car and had it restored so that passengers can enjoy the classic 20th Century Limited experience in the 21st Century. Today, the Hickory Creek is fully restored and updated to modern Amtrak standards, but still retains the glory is its 1948 appearance inside and out.

About the Route

The Cherry Blossom Special will run on the tail of Amtrak's Carolinian. The train's route between New York and Washington DC runs on the original Pennsylvania Railroad main line. For decades, this route has been the standard for passengers traveling to many of the cities along the eastern seaboard. This line is where the URHS's GG1s 4877 and 4879 clocked millions of miles across a 45-year career. This trip will offer a special opportunity to retrace the steps of these famous locomotives from another piece of URHS-restored equipment.

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