May 2012 URHS news

(Joe Mele) I would like to offer the following updates on the URHS activity. Below are a couple of newsworthy items:

The Boonton Yard shop building construction has begun; hopefully the building will be completed in the next couple of months.

Star Trak is continuing to work on our equipment at Boonton yard.

URHS signed a lease agreement with the Black River Historical Trust for the Erie SW-9 #436. The locomotive was picked up by Norfolk Southern RR from the NY&GL Railway and interchanged in Garfield, NJ at the end of April. The BRHT will be using this locomotive for the 2012 operating season for their passenger trains on the Black River & Western Railroad.

The Liberty Historic Railway (LHRy) will host an open meeting on Sunday, June 10, 2012 at Liberty State Park, in the Central RR of NJ, Jersey City Terminal, Blue Comet room. All members of the URHS member groups are invited to attend. Please see the meeting flyer in this issue.

The following supplement was provided by Steve Gerritsen (Ed.)

A shop has been erected in the URHS Boonton Yard over the past few months. At this time it is nearing completion, with only some roofing work and doors to be hung. Once completed, Star Trak can resume work on the URHS equipment, but in the mean time they are painting an engine for the Black River & Western Railroad.

…The Black River Historical Society will be making minor repairs to Erie SW-9 #436 and placing it into service…

Work continues in the yard to clear more brush and trees, to allow us better access to equipment. Brush is a never ending battle, but is necessary so we can get to the fun stuff: working on trains.

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