NJ Transportation Heritage Center railroad rolling stock collection

As most know, the transportation heritage center will not be located in Phillipsburg for reasons already published in "Transport Heritage" and enumerated at the "Friends of The New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center" website.  Those reasons will not be listed here.  We (both organizations) are currenty exploring sites in Boonton, NJ and Buena Vista NJ as North and South locations for portions of our collections.

The United Railroad Historical Society exists to collect and restore railroad rolling stock for a future railroad or transportation museum within New Jersey.  Over the years the URHS has collected almost 90 items in anticipation of having sufficient equipment on hand to be displayed or to provide parts for those items being restored for display or operation.

Our efforts are redirected toward obtaining help from private sources.

After twenty-one years we see most of the equipment that was saved from the scrap yard, turning into scrap.  It is being subjected to weather and vandalism.  Currently there are 28 pieces of equipment stored at the new Boonton NJ yard.  This location has been partially fenced, paved and the worksite of a large group of volunteers.  Our PRR Flatcar and Reading caboose are under restoration at this time.  We have a fence fund which, with continued support, will be ready to be installed at the end of this summer.  See our advertisement for the Boonton open house on the home page.

While the "Friends of The New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center" searches for a new heritage center site, the URHS has determined it needs to divest itself of duplicative rolling stock.  When the rolling stock collection is pared down, it might be possible to keep it in one or two locations – thus saving expenses.  Today, there are four areas serving as storage facilities.

Below is a list of rolling stock equipment being offered to interested parties for restoration or for other use.  These items are located on the properties of others and would need to be relocated by flatcar or truck.

  • DL&W 2200 MU low roof coach
  • DL&W 2453 MU Parlor (spoken for, transfer in progress)
  • DL&W 2454 MU Parlor
  • PRR 427
  • PRR 437
  • PRR 453 – three MU MP-54 coaches
  • ERIE 2620 Coach-Stillwell
  • PRR 1734 Coach-P-70

So much of New Jersey's transportation history has been saved.  We hope to continue what was started – having a first rate heritage center in the State of New Jersey.  Thank you for your continued support.

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