Boonton Yard Highlights – May 2013

By Steve Gerritsen It’s been a productive couple of months to start 2013 in the yard. There was a meeting to discuss projects for the year, out of which came a plan to finish the PRR flat car, restore the DL&W cement hopper, and hopefully a paint job on the 100 tonner. Along with that for the 100 tonner, the charging system should be figured out and reinstalled, and we have been able to un-seize the one engine, so we are one step closer to rebuilding it. A handful of us were on hand one weekend to really tackle the downed trees from the last few storms and made a huge dent it them.

I am going to make a big effort to get most of the supplies needed for these projects donated to these projects. If anyone would like to donate their time in the yard to help out, or donate to these projects please contact me. All help is greatly appreciated as I would like to finish these before the next open house this September!

April 2013 URHS news

Steve Gerritsen (URHS Yard Forman) has a number of cars he would like to get painted and presentable for the 2013 Open House as well as paint & repairs to prime mover on the GE 100-tonner.

  • Pennsylvania Railroad Flat car – #469521
  • Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR Cement Car (hopper) – #19525
  • Swift Company Refrigerated Box Car – SRLX #025048
  • General Electric 100-tonner – PSE&G #100

Open House 9/22/13 – our proposed date has been cleared with the Freight House & Boonton Mayor. Approval by NJ Transit is needed to make this event date official.

Election of Officers – At this meeting KC Smith has accepted the nomination as President.


March 2013 URHS news

Hickory Creek & NYC 43 Cars will be at Grand Central Terminal NYC for National Train Day (5/11/2013).

Election of Officers – At this meeting we elected Carolyn Hoffman for Secretary, Fred Heide as Treasurer, Larry Gross as VP of Operations and Ken Brown as VP of Legal and General Counsel.

URHS Board Officers

President: KC Smith  
Vice President & General Counsel:    Kenneth D. Brown, Esq.  
Vice President – Operations: Larry Gross  
Treasurer: Fred Heide  
Secretary: Carolyn Hoffman  

February 2013 URHS news

Bill Herkner passed, extremely instrumental in what the URHS accomplished. The Hickory Creek & #43 should be at Grand Central Terminal for National Train Day. There is an effort slowly progressing to establish a Heritage Trail across NJ for Railroad History to encompass many sites rail related. Will be put together as a trail map as well as online. Please send anything noteworthy which can be added. Site Committee back in session with a long list of possible museum sites. PATH Cars that have been in question which survived the collapse of the Twin Towers which we have been trying to get for URHS collection has been at a stalemate, still trying.

CMSL Train – May 11 National Train Day event, proceeds to URHS, May 12 Mother’s Day with proceeds to Volunteer Railroaders Association. This is a brand new event, need to get the word out through channels in that area. Take 2 Lehigh Valley F-7 units and place them in prominent display for patrons to view. Train will run on Beesley Point line, 3 trips to Richland & back (90 Minutes). Will need more people on the ground than in the train but will rotate.

URHS Meeting November 17 2012

There is a URHS meeting Saturday in Phillipsburg. Will be inspecting equipment in Gilbert which has been sitting 20 years. Some will be scrapped, some may be moved if locations can be found. The E-8 unit (Future B&O 98) – out of money for restoration. About $10,000 to get it painted. If URHS decides to complete there will probably be a request to the member organizations for donations. GG-1 4879 has plenty of money left in grants. There is a renewed interest in a combined “Steam Boat/Steam Train” trip, that will be discussed. Boonton Open House September 16th – 2,000 to 3,000 people there, URHS basically broke even for the day. There were no complaints from the public at all.