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This page is devoted to showing what New Jersey is missing

…  a place to learn about this state's long transportation heritage, a place to ride back into history on board vintage equipment, a place to reminisce, a place to take the family – in other words – a transportation heritage center.  To find out more information about these museums, click on the museum name.

Scenes from the Monticello Railway Museum

Scene from Monticello Railway Museum

These pictures of the Monticello Railway Museum have been graciously supplied by Steve Barry.

Wabash 1189 meets CN 6789

Wabash 1189 and CN 6789 have a simulated meet.

CNR 6789 meets ex-LIRR RS3 301

CNR 6789 meets Monticello Museum ex-Long Island RS3 301 on a work train.

Wabash freight meets CNR passenger train

Meet of a Wabash freight and CNR passenger train.