September 2013 URHS News

Transportation Heritage Festival – Clean-up & Prep work needed – NEED VOLUNTEERS from various URHS groups! It is suggested that we should have a minimum of 2 people per group. Everyone [group] needs to let Pete Hasler know by Monday September 16th (with names). Volunteers should arrive by 8 am, event runs from 10 – 4. Pete Hasler urges all URHS groups to send out promotional materials. We have 10 days from today to the event – there is work to be done.

Capt. Bill McKelvey will be bringing a pump car and a velocipede to Boonton for display.

The URHS approved the usage of PRR Baggage car #9286, NYC Tavern Lounge #43 and the Hickory Creek for the 2013 Toys for Tots trains.

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