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NYC 47002 Box Car
Builder: NYC – East Rochester shops
Model: Lot 895-B
Built: 9/19/60
Storage Location: Boonton, NJ

Weight: 76,100 lbs.
Length: 50′ 6″
Height: 10′ 6″

New York Central 48085
Builder: Despatch Shops
Lot: 931-B
Built: 1964
Storage Location: Boonton, NJ

History: 48085 is a 50′ 6″ all-steel, plug door, cushion underframe boxcar, built in 1964. It is one of 160 (numbered 48000-48159) built in lot 931-B by New York Central’s Despatch Shops in East Rochester, NY.

It is currently in good condition and used as storage space in Boonton Yard. Plans are to paint this car to its as-built “Century Green” paint job with surplus paint from the NYC 4083 project.

CNJ 24165 Box Car
Builder: American Car & Foundry
Model: 1944 AAR boxcar
Built: 1947
Storage Location: Boonton, NJ

History: One of 500 cars built and delivered to the Jersey Central in 1947. The main goal of the restoration is to bring out its as-built heritage since there are currently no restored CNJ boxcars in the State of New Jersey. This class of boxcar is significant as the 10′ 0″ inside height cars haven’t been preserved in numbers. While the AAR had been building 10′ 6″ Inside Height cars since 1942, the 1944-design models such as this were shorter to meet the needs of the Eastern roads, most of whom had exact copies of this model. The famous New York Central Pacemaker fleet were primarily of this design, as were 500 cars painted in the famous Route of Phoebe Snow billboards. Malt Products Corporation, Saddle Brook, NJ donated this car to the URHS collection.

1956 photo from Michael J. Del Vecchio collection.


B&W 1956 photo at right – Michael J. Del Vecchio collection.

NYS&W 402
Builder: Pullman Standard
Model: PS-1
Built: November 1952
Storage Location: Boonton, NJ

History: This car was originally numbered 402 and was painted boxcar red. It was marked for Railway Express use and was equipped with steam lines for use in passenger trains. It was subsequently repainted in the yellow and black New York Susquehanna & Western Railroad scheme and still retained its 402 identity. It is unknown when it was renumbered to 526.

Swift Refrigerator Line 25048
Builder: General American Transportation Company
Model: Mechanical Refrigerated Box Car
Built: May 1954
Storage Location: Boonton, NJ

History: This mechanical refrigerator car represents one of the final and most important stages in the evolution of the refrigerated boxcar. In 1878, Gustavus Swift, founder of the Chicago meatpacking company called Swift & Company, commissioned the designing of a new kind of freight car to carry butchered meat. The boxcar used large blocks of ice which, when deposited through roof hatches, would chill meat products on the floor below. While these were unpopular with railroads, who had invested significantly in stock cars to transport live animals, the “reefer” quickly caught on nationwide. By the 1920s, the Swift Refrigerator Line had over 7,000 reefer cars on rails across North America. In the 1930s, SRL was purchased by General American Transportation Co. who continued the “Swift’s Premium” Brand.

The URHS’s Swift reefer was built in 1954 in an order of about 50 cars. These cars differed from their predecessors because they were chilled by a diesel generator-driven refrigeration system, eliminating the process of loading cars with blocks of ice before every run. Inside, the car is intact as-built. The floor is covered by raised panels, which could be lifted to clean out condensation and droppings from the transported meat. The car also has wooden bars running the length of the ceiling which were used to hang dressed meats and carcasses. To keep the cold in, the reefer closes with ten-foot wide “plug door” which locks into place with a complicated system of rollers, hinges, and latches. It is not easy to open and close, but nonetheless, URHS volunteers currently use this car as a workshop for tools and storage. The car will soon be restored to its original appearance: metallic silver with the large red “Swift’s Premium” logo next to the door.

URHS 34064 Flat Car
Builder: Pullman Standard
Model: 70 Ton Flat Car
Built: 1957
Storage Location: Boonton, NJ

History: In 1957 Pullman Standard built ninety Cars, numbers 34000 through 34089 for the Boston & Maine Railroad. They are 53 foot 6 inches in length, IL flats with a welded steel underframe, wood deck floor and roller bearing trucks. This car was purchased by the Delaware Otsego Corporation for the Fonda Johnstown & Gloversville with the same number. It was donated to the collection by the New York, Susquehanna & Western Railway.

PRR 469521 Flat Car
Builder: PRR/General Steel Castings
Model: class F41
Built: between Dec. ’55 & May ’56
Storage Location: Boonton, NJ

History: This car is class F41 built between December 1955 and May 1956. 500 were built and numbered #469500-469999. Another 200 #469300-469499 were built between November and December 1956. They had a capacity of 70 tons and were general service cars, 53′ 6″ long over the end sills. The F41 was constructed on General Steel Castings’ integral cast steel underframes, and featured four cross-bearers, compared to two previously used on the F30A and F30D. These cars were equipped with 16 stake pockets and 15 lading strap anchors on each side sill as well as four stake pocket and two lading strap anchors on each end sill and had a wooden floor with a deck height of 3″ 5 1/8″ above the rail. Many received racks for hauling auto frames or auto parts. At least one car #469585 was also modified with Invert- A-Bin racks for hauling sand. Although confused with Commonwealth cast steel flats ordered by dozens of other railroads the F41 was a unique design. Differing from the Commonwealth casting, the F41 featured a different bolster and end deck configuration, two exposed steel stringers that ran part way along the length of the deck inboard of the bolsters, and shallower end and side sill profile outboard of the bolsters. The F41 rode on ASF Ride Control A-3 trucks.

DL&W 19525 Covered Hopper Car
Builder: American Car & Foundry
Built: 1945
Storage Location: Boonton, NJ

History: This Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR car was used in the Hoboken “MU” shed until 1998 when NJ Transit replaced it with a second-hand roller-bearing equipped covered hopper car. The pictured ex-Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR car was used for sand storage at the Hoboken locomotive servicing facilities. It was donated to the collection by NJ Transit.


AESX #2617 Staley tank car June 2014. Photo: Steve Gerritsen

AESX 2617
Model: Tank Car
Storage Location: Boonton, NJ

History: AESX 2617 is an old A.E. Staley Manufacturing Co. tank car with friction bearing trucks.

Donated by Malt Products Corporation, Saddle Brook, NJ to the New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center collection in 2008 through the efforts of ?.