The URHS board of directors is comprised of representatives of each of its constituent organizations. This assures that participation in its decision making and activities will be broad based and truly representative of the wishes of the railroad history community (see our Statement on Preservation). Concerned individuals may join any of the following organizations or The Friends of the New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center to participate in URHS efforts.

Bergen-Rockland Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society

Delegate: Taras Terlecky     Alternate: OPEN     Second alternate:

Black River and Western Historical Trust

Delegate: Kenneth D. Brown, Esq.     Alternate: Donald Lachenaur     Second alternate:

Central Railroad of NJ Historical Society

CNJ Historical Society, 460 Elm Street, Stirling, NJ 07980-1126 — $20 per year membership fee.

Delegate: Frank Reilly     Alternate: Tom Gallo     Second alternate:

Jersey Central Railway Historical Society Chapter

Delegate: Bob Bodenstein     Alternate: Greg Buchala     Second alternate:

Lackawanna Chapter, The Railway & Locomotive Historical Society

Delegate: Kenneth Miller     Alternate: Ann B. Miller     Second alternate:

Liberty Historic Railway

Delegate: Larry Gross Alternate: Alan Bird     Second alternate: David Linstorm

The New York, Susquehanna & Western Technical & Historical Society

Delegate: Wayne Nilsen     Alternate: Don Chaudruc     Second alternate:

North Jersey Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society

Delegate: Mitchell Dakelman     Alternate: Bill Keigher     Second alternate:

North Jersey Electric Railway Historical Society

Delegate: Robert Hooper      Alternate: Tony Hall     Second alternate:

Ontario and Western Railway Historical Society

Delegate: Arnold Restivo    Alternate: John Bazelewich     Second alternate:

Tri-State Railway Historical Society Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society

Delegate: Kevin Phalon    Alternate: Kevin Phalon     2nd Alternate: Mike Del Vecchio

Volunteer Railroaders Association

Delegate: Steve Geritsen     Alternate:     Second alternate: Joe Mele

West Jersey Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society

Delegate: Frederick Ciocciola    Alternate: Richard Magee     Second alternate:

Whippany Railway Museum

Delegate: Vishal Parmar     Alternate: Steve Hepler     2nd Alternate: Mike Dodge


For further information about the URHS of NJ, please contact a representative from an organization listed above.

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